About ShaRe Hub

ShaRe Hub was conceptualised after the onset of the 2017 Southwest Monsoon floods and landslides in Sri Lanka by the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT).

ShaRe Hub is an online disaster relief coordination platform in Sri Lanka, currently aimed at providing a response coordination tool for the HCT the various hazards that Sri Lanka's humanitarian agencies respond to.

The main uses include:

ShaRe Hub was designed to:

  • Improve the current system of information sharing in disaster response among responding agencies
  • Act as an information sharing platform for the public on the humanitarian community's response activities
  • Assist in the mobilization of resources for joint agency projects or emergency relief activities

To access the ShaRe Hub Blueprint click here.

For more information on how to effectively use ShaRe Hub, please visit our FAQ page.

You can contact us at: humanitarian.lk@one.un.org.